Dear site visitor,

Unfortunately, we are also forced to close the doors until January 19, 2021.

Orders will remain possible and will be sent to you by mail. Only small shoots on location, and assignments for companies remain limited.

Despite these difficult times, we wish you happy days and a happy and healthy 2021!


We hope for your understanding during these difficult times for everyone.

Do you think it 'clicks' with me?

Bridal photographer, portraits, corporate photography and more!

All photos on this website are in low resolution. This was done deliberately to make the loading of the pages as smooth as possible. In addition, all content is of course copyrighted.

If you still want to use photos, I kindly request you to submit a request to Timmermansoog. Even without permission but with attribution it is not allowed to use unsolicited photos.      Tel: +31 (0)6 2218 0758

Smeelakkers 11 Hulsel


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